Come here often?


    Join the TEAM for benefits galore!

    Birthday deals & FREE pizza!

    Available at participating locations



    $1 SPENT* = 1 POINT

    *Does not include Alcohol, Merchandise, Gift Card, Gratuity, or Tax


    Questions? We've Got Answers.

    1How much does the loyalty program cost?
    There is a one-time fee of $15.00 to start enjoying the benefits.
    2What is the Anchor Bar Loyalty Program about?
    This is our premier loyalty program. You still get all the “perks” in our free program plus you earn a FREE 12” cheese pizza every time you spend $20.00 on any food purchase. Does not include alcohol, merchandise, tax or gratuity.
    3Who is eligible to join?
    Anyone can join by purchasing a Loyalty card in any of our US based participating locations.
    4Do my points expire?
    5How do I change my personal details?
    You can login to your account and make any necessary changes.
    1How do I redeem rewards?
    When you are in the restaurant, let the server know you are a part of the loyalty program. They will need your card or phone number to look it up and can then redeem your eligible rewards.
    2Is my personal information secured?
    We do not share your information with 3rd parties. Account information is secured by NCR company.
    3How can I opt out?
    You can log in and delete your account at www.anchorbar.com/loyalty. All history and points will be lost.
    4How many guests can earn points on a table?
    If all guests have a separate loyalty account, all can earn points. Guests should ask the server for separate checks.
    5How soon after my visit are my points available?
    Points are available 24-48 hours after your visit.

    Still have questions about the Anchor Bar Loyalty Program? Get in touch. We're happy to help out!